I've been using Wiki's for a long time, for both community projects and for my personal web site.

My wikiblog has fallen out of use do to the lack of a working RSS feed with Moin blogging and instead you can find my blog at these days.

In the past I've mostly used MoinMoin and TWiki but I've recently started to investigate PmWiki for a local community group I'm helping out (because it can be made to look like a "normal" web site) and for my personal site because of it's blogging features.

I'm excited by the wide range of features available in PmWiki and am looking forward to learning more about how it all works. :-)

Answered you at my profile. Sorry for not seeing it earlier. Didn't include my own page into the notification list. Better write me an email at sts (AT) if you want to know something specific. Profiles.Sts