Some things I was thinking about:

  • It'd be nice to have something like the Cookbook.IndexTemplate on the HomePage, to list all the profiles in this group.
  • On some wikis, it's common to leave people messages on their profile page (see Meatball:FrontLawn for details). Is this appropriate for the PmWiki wiki?


  • I know this is "old hat", but since I am old and pmwiki is new to me, how do I, as an admin, make the Profiles list do the Profiles and not any other pages created in the Group named "Profiles"? This is goal is achieved in pmwiki.org.
    • I did something similar for the category page on mine, but can be applied to others. PageLists have a 'page=' option to specify only certain pages. You can also put a minus sign in front of the name to exclude it from showing. Using the category for an example, here is what I have:
      (:pagelist group=Category name=-HomePage,-GroupFooter,-RecentChanges fmt=#simplename :)
      Now the listing of pages would show everything but the home page, group footer, and the recent changes. --Vrillusions February 03, 2007, at 11:45 PM
  • Since our wiki needs to be more widely adopted, I can not afford to place any real restrictions on contributions.
  • I've had a look at the meatball site and with disappointment note that it has a restrictive licence, rather than GPL. Pity.

Algis Kabaila April 10, 2005, at 07:38 PM

It might be a good idea to let people with profiles know how to find the password for approving URLs on this site so they can approve the links to the sites that they have created with Pmwiki. (I just found out the password, but I do not want to disclose it here without permission.)