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Evan, I find you in the strangest places. This is Brent, Pam's bro. Was exploring wiki engines and was drawn to pm's little jewel -- and who should I notice as last editor on a page here? Evan Prodromou. Amazing.

Brent! That's just amazing. Yeah, I really like this wiki engine -- it's a good bet if you're thinking about using it. So funny! --EvanProdromou
Way cool. The more I explore it, the more impressed I become. I've been using Tavi for a few months, and it's been great. I wouldn't have considered this one if I'd realized it wasn't DB driven. But after reading Pm's philosophy page, I was intrigued and installed it. Seems very well thought out. Take care, BrentZupp

Any updates on integrating wikiwyg into pmwiki? This would be perfect for my wiki at work. Thanks, GabrielBeal?