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PmWiki has the capability of classifying pages into groups of related pages. By default page links are between pages of the same group; to create a link to a page in another group, add the name of the other group and a dot or slash to the page name. For example, links to Main.HomePage could be written as:

*[[Main.HomePage | link text]]

Creating groups

Creating a new group is as easy as creating new pages; simply edit an existing page to include a link to a page in the new group, then click on the '?' to edit the page. By default, group names must start with a letter (but this can be changed by the wiki administrator).

For example, to make a page called Bar in the group Foo, create a link to [[Foo/Bar]] and follow the link to edit that page.

Groups in a standard PmWiki distribution

  • Main : The default group. On many wikis, it contains most of the author-contributed content. Main.HomePage and Main.WikiSandbox come pre-installed.
  • PmWiki : An edit-protected group that contains PmWiki documentation and help pages.
  • Site : Holds a variety of utility and configuration pages used by PmWiki, including SideBar, Search, Preferences, AllRecentChanges, ApprovedUrls, and Blocklist.

To list all the groups in a site, try the markup (:pagelist fmt=group:).

Pagine speciali in un gruppo

Per norma, la pagina dei cambiamenti recenti "RecentChanges" di ogni gruppo, mostra solo le pagine che hanno subito cambiamenti all'interno del gruppo; la pagina Site.AllRecentChanges mostra tutte le pagine che sono state cambiate in tutti i gruppi. Ogni gruppo puo' anche avere GroupHeader? o pagine GroupFooter che contengono il testo da aggiungere automaticamente in testa o in coda ad ogni pagina del gruppo. Un gruppo puo' avere anche una pagina GroupAttributes che definisce gli attributi (passowrd per lettura e modifica) condivisi da tutte le pagine del gruppo.

Ogni pagina puo' avere anche la sua password individuale di lettura/scrittura che soprassiede le password del gruppo (vedi Passwords).

Infine, gli amministratori del wiki? possono settare alcune personalizzazioni locali? una per ogni gruppo (vedi PerGroupCustomizations?).

Group's default page

Any page that has the same name as its group is considered to be the default "start page" for that group; if such a page does not exist then HomePage is used as the start page for the group instead.

Subgroups? Subpages?

No, PmWiki does not have subpages. Pm's reasons for not having subgroups are described at PmWiki:HierarchicalGroups, but it comes down to not having a good page linking syntax. If you create a link or pagename like [[A.B.C]] PmWiki doesn't think of "B.C" as being in group "A", it instead thinks of "C" as being in group "AB", which is a separate group from "A". Wiki administrators can look at Cookbook:SubpageMarkup and Cookbook:IncludeWithEdit for recipes that may be of some help with developing subgroups or subpages.

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