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Summary: Page actions misaligned in Firefox 1.5 rc 2 (Windows)
Created: 2005-11-13 03:36
Status: Closed - added for 2.1.beta2
Category: Feature
From: floozy?
Priority: 3
Version: 2.1.beta1

Description: The page actions in the upper right corner of each wiki page are sometimes misaligned in Firefox 1.5 rc 2 on Windows (there's a line break, often after 'History' or 'Print').

I've reported this using the "Report Broken Website" tool of Firefox. As a work around, the CSS of the PmWiki skin could be modified to disallow line-breaks within the page actions:

#wikicmds { float:right; font-family:Verdana,sans-serif; font-size:80%; }

#wikicmds { float:right; font-family:Verdana,sans-serif; font-size:80%; white-space:nowrap; }

Thanks for fixing this!

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Page last modified on September 10, 2011, at 11:56 AM