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Summary: Tables w/ cellspacing - propagation
Created: 2004-11-28 10:20
Status: Closed - documentation bug fixed for 2.0.beta3
From: PRZ
Priority: 1
Version: 2.0 devel 25

Description: In a simple table, when setting a cellspacing = value or cellpadding = value, this value propagate to all others tables of the same page.

These both tables look the same in your wiki?


Interesting, the above tables looks ok but not the below ones. Probably when there is no border, there is an initialisation problem... So a border=0 may solve the problem.


A simple separation text


I start every table with a || and so the table header is always empty. The documentation is not 100% clear at this point. Maybe it is a feature? ;)


A simple separation text


Yes, interesting, it can be a feature, if documented !

It's a documentation bug -- somewhere along the line I think someone changed the tables documentation. It should really read that lines beginning with || that aren't cells set the attributes for any remaining tables on the page.

I've updated PmWiki.SimpleTables2 to try to make this clearer, also added a note about using lowercase letters for rgb color specifications. -- Pm

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