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Summary: Buggy implementation of the page PageNotFound
Created: 2004-10-31 09:51
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta11
Category: Bug
From: chr
Priority: 2
Version: latest?

Description: This URI (with the '.' at the end) >

Produces a buggy 'PageNotFound' where the links seems to be off:

  We couldn't find a page called "MarathonSkin.". You can:

  Create MarathonSkin.?           [2]
  Create MarathonSkin..HomePage   [3]
  Create MarathonSkin.?           [3]

where is broken too

-- sb

I think documentation is missing, but i observed the following behavior:

Makes sense in some way.

Schlaefer November 29, 2004, at 06:02 AM

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