Summary: no longer a PrintText function that one can call
Created: 2004-09-19 16:24
Status: Closed -- added to 2.0.devel6
Category: Feature
From: jr
Priority: 5
Version: 2.0dev4
OS: all

Description: In PmWiki 1 you could put a "function:PrintText markup string" into a template or an array of things to be displayed. The work-around is to create a local PrintText function that does an

  echo MarkupToHTML($pagename,$text);

There may be a better way.

I'm expecting that in PmWiki 2 one will be able to do "markup:markup string" into a template string or array of things to be displayed that achieves the same thing. But the workaround of creating a local PrintText function is also useful. --Pm

Now added. Simply use "markup:markup string" in place of "function:PrintText markup string". In addition, one can add <!--markup:markup string--> in page layout templates to take advantage of wiki markup there. --Pm