ANother test page

Wow, this is great for those of us who have a community that expects WYSIWYG

So the general idea is that html is generated by the recipe, rather than 


markup. It does not seem [+possible+] to mix the two

PmWiki then displays the html.

I can toggle on and off bold or italic, but need to have selected something to choose a colour.

Perhaps [[Cookbook/ROSPatterns]] or could be used to achieve wiki markup,

but I can see the editor probably does not understand wiki markup.

To insert PmWiki markup, use the first drop-down menu to select the Block style "PmWiki markup". --Petko March 29, 2011, at 06:36 PM

Here is HTML again.


I note that when text is selected the 

choosing PmWiki Markup deletes the text
When in a PmWiki markup block each return creates a new markup block