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NOTE: that not adding #testlistend in the #testlist will result in pmwiki not responding.

Don't do this. Indeed, when you define fmt=#template, PmWiki will extract the text between [[#template]] and the next [[#anchor]] in the page, or the end of the page, whichever comes first. In your case, your template starts from [[#testlist]] until the end of the page, and it will be evaluated for every page in the pagelist. When your template contains the same pagelist, repeated for every page, it gets into an infinite loop. Even if you only have a single page. Again, don't do this. --Petko

I have moved the template after the pagelist, and removed the closing anchor. See how it includes the text to the end of the page in the listings, but since this text doesn't contain a pagelist, it doesn't create an infinite loop and doesn't hang or crash. --Petko

Thanks! will keep a note of it. The changed example was explanatory.--VKrishn
 0: 00.00 00.00 config start
 1: 00.01 00.01 config end
 2: 00.21 00.20 MarkupToHTML begin
 3: 00.22 00.21 MarkupToHTML end
 4: 00.23 00.22 MarkupToHTML begin
 5: 00.23 00.22 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls begin
 6: 00.24 00.23 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls end
 7: 00.24 00.23 MarkupToHTML end
 8: 00.24 00.23 MarkupToHTML begin
 9: 00.25 00.24 MarkupToHTML end
10: 00.25 00.24 now
Peak memory: 3,717,224 bytes