Suggestion for CustomSyntax configuration for Cookbook:ChordPro:
SDVA($CustomSyntax, array(
  'CHORDPRO,00'   => '<ws0    =directive>comment>*meta_nobg>=meta_nobg>punct
    /^ *#.*$/gm

I'm not sure if the "#comment" can only appear alone on a line (currently defined), or after other text on the same line.

This is fantastic thanks, I hadn't progressed in my understanding enough to appreciate the power of this. # comment apply to an entire line

The above is enabled on this page, test samples below. Note: only the $CustomSyntax configuration is enabled here, not the full ChordPro recipe, hence (:markup class=norender:).

!!Long markup
{Title: Title test example}
{Subtitle: Subtitle}
{Album: Album}

!!Long markup
{Capo: 3}
Chords [Bb]and [C#]Lyrics
[A]An example [D]of [G7]lyrics and tablature
An example with no chords
    And another example with no chords, followed by an empty line

{Comment: a comment}
{Comment_italic: an italic comment}
{Comment_box: a comment box}
# comment line

[B]text of chorus

more chorus text[Cm7]
             D     D                D     D                D

!!short markup

{T: Title test example}
{St: Subtitle}
{A: Album}

!!short markup

[A]An example [D]of [G]lyrics and tablature
{C: a comment}
{Ci: italic comment}
{Cb: comment box}
# comment line


Csus4 (x33011)     Fmaj7 (132211)

!!test cases

{TITLE: First title}
{SUBTITLE: First subtitle}
Blank line follows[G]

Blank line precedes[A] and follows

{ci:Chorus} {soc}
Two directives on one line

{c:two}comments{ci:on one line}
 # indented comment
 embedded directive {Title: Embedded title directive}
 {subtitle: Indented lowercase subtitle directive}
{define: <chord_name> <position> <String6> .. <String1>}

{unknown: directive}

!!pathological markup

||: :||

!!Test if ChordPro CustomSyntax impacts normal PmWiki markup

# not a comment
{comment: not a comment}
{ChordPro: not a chordpro directive}
Just normal [B]rackets

 0: 00.00 00.00 config start
 1: 00.02 00.01 config end
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 3: 00.24 00.22 MarkupToHTML end
 4: 00.24 00.23 MarkupToHTML begin
 5: 00.25 00.23 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls begin
 6: 00.25 00.24 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls end
 7: 00.26 00.24 MarkupToHTML end
 8: 00.26 00.24 MarkupToHTML begin
 9: 00.26 00.25 MarkupToHTML end
10: 00.26 00.25 now
Peak memory: 3,902,696 bytes