Gianpaolo Terranova

He is not a programmer. He writes code just for fun, started when he was a child and never stopped. He got a law degree and currently works in a Italian law firm, waiting to pass soon or later the bar exam to became a lawyer.

He works mostly in the energy, oil & gas and engineering field, providing legal advice and assistance to Italian and foreign companies with respect to corporate issues, energy & environmental matters (renewables and permitting), negotiations & contracts drafting, real estate and commercial litigation. He is supposed to do a very good job as legal advisor. ;)

Contributions to PmWiki

He has worked on the Cookbook:Simpleviewer and the Cookbook:Flowplayer recipes. No clue what will be the next recipe (still does not know in depth how pkwiki works).

Subject   R: PmWiki module Flowplayer - License
From      Gianpaolo Terranova
To        Petko Yotov
Date 	  2016-04-01 20:28

Hello Petko,

thanks for your email. I have never thought there could be anybody still
interested in that "recipe"...
About the license and the files, a GNU GPL is fine and you are granted all
the rights you needs to distribute, publish and update :)
The same would apply for the Simpleviewer recipe.

Also, I am not maintaining those recipes anymore (I basically moved to
python for all my web applications and I am not a fan of php), so anybody
who wants to keep them updated is welcome (just keep a very little mention
of me as the original author, it will be enough).