I discovered PmWiki while looking for a convenient way to manage a flexible website. My requirements were that the website should allow for easy page and links addon, offer the possibility to visitors to contribute via creating their own pages, and allow non-experts to update the content easily.

With a few tweaks, PmWiki allowed exactly this. I was impressed by the clarity of the code that allowed adjustments to be made in no time, considering the fact that I'm no PHP guru to begin with.

Some of the best features I found on PmWiki:

  • The Flexi? skin, which should be part of the standard distribution in my opinion ;)
  • The user authentication AuthPhp2SSO cookbook, really convenient since the site also uses a PhpBB forum - some tweaks were required in order to avoid redirection problems, ask me if you need support
  • Export of pages via PublishPDF. The documentation could be way clearer; despite this, PublishPDF was the only PDF export running out-of-the-box I found. Could be a bit less intrusive though.

The result available [(approve links) edit diff], it's a french website about a role playing game I created.

On my TODO list:

  • cleaning the dirty tweaks I made and share them with the community
  • have a thought at AutoLinks; an 'excluded words' list support would be welcomed.