Caroline Guénette

I'm in progress to configure a PMWiki for Allaitement Québec, a non-profit organization about breastfeeding in Québec, Canada. Volonteer mothers with breastfeeding experience help other mothers. We want a wiki as internal share tool between volonteer mothers. The public web site will be in the "Main" area in in read mode.

First PMWiki version online at: This is still in setup process (not published yet to members). Public/private area are not setup at this point. "temptest" is a password that will trigger the volonteer access (the link 'Accès bénévoles' at the top right) to Edit access. Comments are welcome.

In final version :

  • Main: Public. Edit access to authenficate people only (password-based)
  • Everything else: Private (need password to read. Edit can be possible for everybody)
    • Some section will be reserved for smaller group (example: Board members not sure about the good translation for "Membres du conseil d'administration")

The end users of the PMWiki that I configured aren't fluid with computer in general (but I have a software engineer job background). Also, note that my mother tongue is French.

Feel free to update my page if you have a comment for me.

TODOs and TOCHECKs List (oups. this is not more up to date...):

  • Configure password to each member (autorisation by name with level for admin access to)
  • Personalize skin to look as close to the actual web site as possible
  • How to display logged user name? IN COURSE
  • Setup wiki as read/write for auth user only, except for 'Main' namespace.
  • Question asked on Questions about guibutton.
  • EditTemplatesMenu

List of interest page (Personal Notebook)

List of comment page (page where I put a question or comment)