That's my real name.

I have a couple of PmWiki sites, and, the first is my own personal site and the second is a kind of hobby or vocational site. I started to try out Twiki on the second site but couldn't get it to work right without the correct Perl libraries and finally gave up and went with the same as the first. Thanks to PmWiki they are both starting to look like professional, respectable sites with plenty of features.

My first post to the Wiki was 2007-01-06 and then I figured I'd better have a profile so I can sign my posts.

I have implemented

The Attach Delete, Comment Box Plus, Current Visitors, Htpasswd Form, PmWiki 2 PDF, Protect Email, Random Quote, Google Sitemaps, Skin Change, Total Counter, Trace Trail and Web Admin recipes so far, plus a few selected enhanced conditional markups, the AuthUser, Mailform 3, and Google Search tweaks.

Stuff I couldn't get to work right so far is

ThumbList, UserAuth and I think GoogleBlogPing. There are a few others I made a quick stab at and failed but I wouldn't call those respectable efforts yet. I got a little farther with UserAuth on my second site but I may still have to give up on it again if I can't get it to work better than AuthUser. I posted a rant on the UserAuth page about it.

Stuff that's my fault

I submitted a code enhancement to the TraceTrails recipe and I have added tweak suggestions to WebAdmin and AuthUser and made a syntax change suggestion to the GoogleSearch recipe.

Stuff I am planning on implementing next

Would be Google AdSense and some kind of thumbnail or gallery enhancement and that's it so far.

Until I figure out how to work email obfuscation on this site I'll state my email address as:
Bill>At sign>Reveile>Period sign>org