Default Group Home Page

On my site, it says, "Note, on this site, the value of HomePage is HomePage and, thus, the default home page would be Foo/HomePage." That does not seem to be the case; the default config.php file that came with my installation does not have "$DefaultName" in it. Calion? February 14, 2018, at 06:18 PM

So apparently my site does have $DefaultName set to HomePage (to the point that putting $DefaultName = 'HomePage' in config.php causes all pages to go completely blank), but new Groups have a default start page of Foo/Foo. However, putting $PagePathFmt = array('PmWiki.$1','$1.HomePage','$1.$1'); in my config.php fixes the problem, and sets group start pages to HomePage. I'm pretty sure this isn't intended functionality. --Calion? February 14, 2018, at 06:56 PM

If nothing is set in config.php, the default page name in a group (Foo) is either the group name (Foo.Foo if that page exists), or "Foo.HomePage" (if that page exists). The default name will be used if you type a link like [[Foo/]] or open, and the $PagePath variable also manages [[Foo]] if that page doesn't exist in the current group. Most PmWiki variables have default values defined in pmwiki.php or in other scripts; you can override most in config.php (eg "Accueil" in French) but if you don't, there will still be some value, in that case "HomePage". The previous paragraph on that page, and the next one, should explain this (probably better). (Pages gone blank may be caused by missing semi-colon ";" at end of command.) --Petko February 14, 2018, at 07:00 PM

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