How do I include the last change (the last diff section) in the feed body ? I would like to see directly what has been modified.

What if I want the text included to be marked up to HTML?

From mailing list June 26, 2007, by Roman:

  $FeedFmt['rss']['item']['description'] = 'FeedText';

  function FeedText($pagename, &$page, $tag) {
    $p = ReadPage($pagename);
    $content = MarkupToHTML($pagename, $p['text']);
    return "<$tag><![CDATA[$content]]></$tag>";

How can I create an rss feed, listing only the new pages (and not all recent changes)?

Appending &order=-ctime to the URL seems to work as a quick fix. The feed will then show only the most recently created pages, even if (unfortunately) the time displayed in the feed itself is still the time of the latest change to the page.
Demo: https://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Site/AllRecentChanges?action=rss&order=-ctime
RSS feed of latest Cookbook additions: Cookbook:RecentChanges?action=rss&order=-ctime
StefCT, July 23 2014

Are some aggregators better for wiki pages than others? I can't configure Gregarius or Simple Pie to recognize my PMWiki wikitrails, no matter what I append; rss, atom, etc. Is there an aggregator that you recommend?

How can I fix "XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity" error when trying to simply access "Site.AllRecentChanges?action=rss"

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