Upgrading using the command 'cp -a pmwiki-x.y.z/. pmwiki' does not work for ubuntu 23. It copies the entire directory to your pmwiki directory. Can you suggest a better way ? gnuzoo

Do you mean it becomes pmwiki/pmwiki-x.y.z ? This doesn't happen on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS if your source directory ends with "/." as documented. I would be surprised if something so basic has changed in recent Ubuntu versions. I've added a command line with rsync that also works. --Petko

It appears to be a mistake by me. I unzipped the pmwiki download and the "pmwiki-x.y.z" folder contained a folder "pmwiki-x.y.z", so folder in a folder. I should check downloads better. Maybe I unzipped it wrong. I re-downloaded and unzipped and checked the folders and it appears to work.

I used the rsync option.



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