PmWiki 2.3.2 released

Update for PmWiki activity: new core version, documentation, internationalization.

Version 2.3.2 was released (2022-02-09)

This version includes bug fixes and updates for PHP 8.1. The core variable $EnableIncludedPages introduced in 2.3.0 was renamed to $EnableListIncludedPages to avoid ambiguity. With LocalTimes, is now possible to configure the number of days the "plus" button will pull from the page history, and the function will better recognize some older RecentUploads formats. PmSyntax was updated so that "\\" line breaks in tables and headings are treated like in the core, staying in the same context; and the different PmSyntax blocks will now be processed in parallel.

The code configuring and loading pmwiki-utils.js was moved to a new file scripts/utils.php, and a new variable $EnablePmUtils was added to allow administrators to easily disable these functions. The script pmwiki-utils.js will now be included in the page header rather than the footer, which may reduce the number of page redraws. The individual functions will now be processed in parallel.

The documentation was updated.

See also: Change log.

The German documentation was updated. You can download it here.

1 comments on "PmWiki 2.3.2 released"

  • Emanuel: 2022-03-11 18:13 +0000
    Great to see some development. Hope, that it keeps going on! Thanks also for the work and improvements. : )

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