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See for the thread/discussion.

Condensed Summary of Thread/Discussion:

Pm's comments on initial articles: "[P]erhaps the first articles should be 'what is the magazine' and 'how to submit articles.'"

Pm's Thinking on Submission, approval process:

  • Articles are submitted as wiki pages, initially as drafts until officially reviewed and published.
  • Each author can individually decide if the article is to be editable by others, and if the article can be publicly viewed while the article is in its draft stages.
  • Once "published", articles tend to be fairly static except for minor editing fixes and possible references to related future articles. But, this occurs by convention, not because the system disallows it.
  • Each article will have a comments section or separate "-Talk" page for comments and discussion about the article.

Crisses suggested a four-page "How-to set up a PmWiki" pamphlet, and they also suggested labelling the difficulty level of the article (e.g. some articles may require serious programming skills).

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