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Provide a way for several different clusters of groups ("fields") to share a common code base and local customisations.


Attach:wikifarm-0.2.3.tar.gz is a collection of scripts that organises groups into fields within a wiki farm. Existing groups are not affected. This release includes an alternative package for use with PmWiki.WikiFarms.

See also PmWiki.WikiFarms and WhichFarmToUse.


The README file describes how to install and test the farm scripts. No changes to the core pmwiki scripts are required; it's a pure local customisation. If you have a heavily-customised wiki, you may wish to test it with a clean install of PmWiki first.

The wikicolony/README describes how to use the scripts with PmWiki.WikiFarms.

It ships with one field set up by default. You define a new field by adding it to the Main.WikiFarm page.

  • SoggyBottom:/

By default, the PmWiki and Profiles groups are shared across all fields. You can also share other groups, by adding them to the Main.WikiFarm page, eg

  • Glossary.HomePage

A [[$FarmTrail]] variable uses the field list on the Main.WikiFarm to generate links to the next and previous fields, and the farm's home page.

A ReadSharedPage function lets you specify calls to a $ReadPage function to detect whether the requested page is in one of the shared groups. If so, it reads from the common area; otherwise, it reads from the current field. Unfortunately, PmWiki itself doesn't use a $ReadPage function, so this only works with local customisations.

In particular, the displays of EditQuickReference and UploadQuickReference in the edit and upload actions rely on ReadPage. To get around this, the WikiFarm includes copies of these pages in the wikifarm/wikilib.d/ directory. So it all just works.

The script includes a slightly-modified pmwiki.tmpl file that is field-aware. The local/config.php file that's included automatically points PmWiki to this.

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8 June -- fix a template bug and include a version that can be used with PmWiki.WikiFarms

24 May -- support fields with the same name as groups in the central wiki

2 May 2004 -- first fully tested release

Comments & Bugs

[(approve links) edit diff] users be warned:
paths like: wikifarm-0.2.1\->local\Wikifarm-scripts\ have to be extracted without the option "use folder name". -pog

changed '->' to 'to.' which should fix this problem -- jr

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  • John Rankin (design and integration)
  • Donald Gordon (coding)


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