Summary: How to proove ownership to google Version: 1.0 Prerequisites: Status: Maintainer: Martin Krischik Categories: Google

How to proove ownership to google

To use all of Googles Webmaster tools you have to prove ownership to google.


There are two ways, by a special ownership page or by a meta tag. The fist is the easer way, just create the dummy page however often the site error handler is in the way in which case you have to use the 2nd ways. Ifg your site is all PmWiki you will need to add the meta tag to your PmWiki configuration (usualy local/config.php). The excact syntax to archive this is:

 $HTMLHeaderFmt['verify-v1'] = '
    <META NAME="verify-v1" CONTENT="CIJ3xJ+vb2b71uSreO4vivNzLyRTUYbMDHBPXlmuCJw=">


none yet.

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