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How can I add a field to the edit form to allow authors to enter a "summary" of the changes made, and have this summary appear in RecentChanges and page history?


The Attach:changesum.php script modifies the edit form to provide a text box for entering a one-line summary of edit changes, and to have this summary line appear in the RecentChanges and page history displays.

To use this script, simply copy it into your cookbook/ subdirectory and then add the following line to your configuration file:



Changesum.php is actually Version 2.2


How do you get the summary to show up when using PmWiki/MailPosts -- and right now it doesn't seem to work on RecentChanges or Main.AllRecentChanges pages -- only in the page history. I would also like to require the summary as yet another layer between wiki and spambots. -- Crisses

Hmm, it's working on my RecentChanges (see the summary line on this post). To require the summary for a post, you can do something like:
        if (!$ChangeSummary) {
          $EditMessageFmt .= "<h3>Change summary is required</h3>";

Changed the "@$_POST" to "$_POST, works for me opitzs

  • And where would I have to put this? Into my local config.php? Or do I have to change the changesum script? Why I ask is, that it doesn't look like made for the config.php, as it is more like an script, to be used in the event of a post, but not elsewhere. Thank you for this script anyway, I like it!
    Yes, the above would go into the local/config.php file. --Pm
    • It worked for me, once I got rid of the "@" sign. Thanks!
  • What do I have to do, to put the summary into the RSS stream, too?
    Hmm, I'll have to look that one up. --Pm
  • I'm having trouble with this, pmwiki shows the error when loading the edit page. Even before I've pressed the post button. What should I do?

We've done this at We made some change to the local rss.php. We have documentated them in our own "coolbook" --kt007 February 02, 2005, at 02:10 AM


  • Pm, original script (10-May-2004)
  • kt007, modifications for pmwiki2 (6-Nov-2004)
  • JavaJunky
  • Pm, updated to work with 2.0.beta16 graphical edit buttons

Sandbox for changes and experiments

Testing the changesummary script, adding the 'csum:$Now' attribute. test

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