NearlyFreeSpeech will require government id if you ever get locked out
and here are some (unlimited) reasons you could be terminated without warning (basically for any reason they feel like) and you cannot access your account ever again, your money is trapped as well. And they might sue you.

Okay, sorry I did not understand (English is my 3rd language), I thought you meant you need to be a government organization for them to host you. No, simply they don't offer anonymous publication and don't shield you from law enforcement: they want you to take responsibility for your publications. They want your real name, and will ask for a legal ID document when they are required by law to do it. It is the same for almost all hosting providers. The clause for any reason for termination also exist in the terms of all other hosting providers and publication platforms -- it's their loss if they don't want to continue taking your money. We are moving to legal and political/philosophical topics, here the question is whether their hosting plan can technically run PmWiki installations. --Petko December 10, 2020, at 06:42 AM

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