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Hello I will soon be forced to use PHP5.4 without register globales and using timezones and not strtime.... I tried to move, but the webserver crashed (maybe a providerproblem?). But is pmwiki working with 5.4? Many greetings from Germany. Hans Hufnagel

It should mostly work, and we're fixing any bugs that are reported or that we find. If you have any, please install an empty installation of the latest version and (if it works) start enabling recipes and lines in config.php, then report to PITS when a problem appears. Thanks! --Petko February 03, 2013, at 01:49 PM

When trying to go to, Norton Antivirus gives me a warning that the page might be dangerous: (I am using a text-based browser on Linux now, which I assume to be fairly safe.) Can anybody confirm if or if not there are threats present on this page? Thanks methom

Thanks for your message. As we have open uploads to some sections of the wiki, there may be some unsafe uploaded file. Unfortunately the Norton website does not specify which exact file/url is unsafe. I'm reviewing it right now. --Petko March 30, 2014, at 03:59 AM

There was indeed one infected DOS executable in a zip archive attached to the Cookbook -- it could be dangerous if extracted from the archive and launched. It was not linked to by any page, and now it is deleted. There were also 4 PHP exploits targeted at our server (trying to attack us, not our visitors), but as we don't allow execution of uploaded files, that wouldn't work. These were also not linked to by any page, and are now deleted. Moreover, we now have a notification system allowing us to review all recent uploads as they come so such a problem shouldn't happen again. Thanks. --Petko April 13, 2014, at 04:08 PM

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