Hi Community, but especially Pm and Petko,

Looking around on the PmWiki.org website for information on internationalization and help for translators, I see that this info is a bit spread around or just mixed:

I see four aspects that can be improved:

  • As guideline I see (as Pm suggested somewhere, but maybe not that strict) that the PmWiki group should only document installation and configuration of other language(s) support and that the Localization group acts as the Translation Portal with information, tips and tricks for the translators or how to create new translations.
  • I think that page PmWiki.TranslationPortal should be merged for that reason into pages of group Localization
  • To have a clean separation of documentation and discussion, discussions should be moved to -Talk pages
  • We have now templates in either group PmWiki or Localization. Since none of them are in the distribution, I think we can better move all templates to one group. My suggestion is the Localization group, but keeping the original pages with redirects.

Do you agree with this suggestions or do you have (for some) a different opinion?
My goal is to agree on some guidelines on where to document what related to Internationalization.
-- SchreyP March 30, 2010, at 04:36 PM

Thanks for these ideas of improvement -- I agree, so unless someone objects or proposes a better improvement in the next few days, just go ahead and edit/move/redirect what you think should be done. --Petko March 31, 2010, at 02:49 AM

Moved old discussions from PmWiki.TranslationPortal

In fact there are several problems a candidate translator encounter:

The bottom of the http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki page is just a copy ((:include:) of PmWiki.OtherLanguages. The intent is that someone can add a new language to PmWiki.OtherLanguages and it will be displayed on the PmWiki home page.

PmWiki.Internationalizations is supposed to be the instructions for how to install and create new language files. Someone has modified it to do a search of all of the translation pages on pmwiki.org... but I don't think that's entirely appropriate here. I think it'll invite more confusion than it resolves, and also it may not display properly if PmWiki.Internationalizations is distributed that way. So, we might want to get rid of the pagelist that appears at the upper-right corner.

Pm May 29, 2007, at 01:24 PM

On the other hand the list of internationalizations was not complete, its not clear how to go about updating XL Pages (eg if I want to add a new phrase should I update the template and all 20 odd XLpages?), and there was no list of XLPages.

It is good that this area is receiving some visibility, and with the plethora of pages now being created perhaps there is a better home for it, and a consistent framework of documentation and special pages will evolve.

At the same time the release mechanism of the XLPages needs to be reconsidered so that it reflects the latest version and is easier to apply as an update.

Pm December 12, 2007, at 01:24 PM

Sorry to be so dumb - I did the XLPage for Macedonian. Now what do i do?.

Pm December 15, 2007, at 08:52 AM

I will answer my own question - Since I was working on a cyrillic character language, from http://pmichaud.com/pub/pmwiki/i18n/ I downloaded and unzipped the Russian PmWikiRu.XLPage, substituted my translation in, changed all the references from Ru to Mk and the filename and put it in my wikilib.d, added the line - XLPage('mk','PmWikiMk.XLPage'); - to my config.php (already had the xlpage-utf-8.php in my scripts folder). Now all the commands are in Macedonian. Works great.

This is a talk page for improving Localization.Localization.