Recipes relating to internationalization/code page hacking or Unicode.

Cookbook /
ContentType  How to change PmWiki's default charset or Content-type
Dcal  a calendar recipe (alpha)
French  A version of the French translation converted to UTF-8
I19  Translator-oriented edit form, easing the internationalization (i18n) of a wiki (Experimental)
InternationalPTVs  Allow international characters in the names of PageTextVariables (experimental)
ISO8859MakePageNamePatterns  ISO 8859 character conversion for url page names; strip accents etc. from characters for easier readable page names
JustHyp  Client-side multilingual text hyphenation and margin filling (full justify). (Active, alpha)
LocalTimes  Display RecentChanges and History timestamps in the local timezone of each visitor. (Beta)
MultiLanguage  Display content in different languages on a page by user's choice
MultiLanguagePages  Show language specific pages according to user choice (new)
MultiLanguageViews  show language specific content and titles according to user choice (stable)
UTF-8  A collection of UTF-8 related tips and fixes
WikiCalendar  Add support for a simple calendar. Each date becomes a wiki page. (Stable)