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Feature Request

Have a feature you'd like to have?

  • Smc Jan 23, 2007, at 22:20 GMT. Would be great if the markup supported pointing at a kml url. Some people (humm!) might already serve up kml data via a url. Also perhaps process a CSV file. To be able to display this would be fantastic. A couple of examples could be:

Example 1: KML layer

(:gma-kml-url http:www.mykmlservice?myQuery=something :)

Example 2: CSV layer
Perhaps a URL returns a file like this:
lat, lng, datetime, label, desc
1.001, 2,202, 100000202, Point 1, This is point number 1
1.002, 2,203, 100000444, Point 2, This is point number 2

Then you'll need a load of configuration for the php/javascript behind the scene to know how to process the data. Perhaps something like this...

(:gma-csv-url http:www.mykmlservice?myQuery=something deliminator=',' lattitude='lat' longitude='lng' time='datetime' text='label' description='desc' :)

If your still with me, the above CSV file would be plotted on the map. Just like we can already do using GMA manually.

I can hear what you're already saying - what else does he want, the moon on a stick!

  • RussFink Would be nice to have "directions to" prepopulate the address directly, rather than the lat/lon of the destination. That way, the user's directions would include the destination address when they go to print.
  • Could it be nice to have a 'showcase' here, or on GoogleMapAPI-Showcase ?
  • ReplaceOnSave : Lookup and insert the lon and lat for an address on the fly. BrBrBr
#ReplaceOnSave : Lookup and insert the lon and lat for an address on the fly.


function ReplaceAddr($pattern,$addr) {
    return $c?preg_replace(array("/(lon|lat)='.*?' */","/addr='$addr'/"),
                            array("","orig='$addr' lat='".$c['lat']."' lon='".$c['lon']."'"),

  • wiki text
It would be nice to include wkitext in the text attribute. Even nicer to be able to include (part of) of wiki page in the text : text='include:SomeGroup/SomePage' (Of fetch the text 'ajax' style)BrBrBr
  • class link (Implimented 2.2.0-pre3.)
add a class to the maplinks, this would allow to give them a different color, marker etc using css. Better make the link configurable. BrBrBr
  • Directions in New Window (Implimented v.1.3.0)
  • Map floating (Implimented 2.2.0)
  • Frappr integration (Rejected pending clarification by Axel).
  • multiple Google maps in a page

    I'd like to include multiple Google maps (zoom in's to different locations) in the same page. I tried to do this with includeotherpages, but the second map doesn't appear - presumably because the two maps have the same div name. Bets Oct 30th 2006
    • Planned 2.2.0 BenWilson December 09, 2006, at 10:40 AM
  • map layer overlay

    I'd like to provide an additional layer of pixel information atop the Google map. E.g. I'd like to draw South Africa's mountain chains to it's rather flat Google vector map as colored areas. The api seem to allow this by now, though I don't know how they did it and how comfortable. An additional .png file auto-scaled to the size of the Google map and placed atop it should do the trick ;) Thanks for considering, Axel
    • The Google Map API doesn't offer such feature. You may be thinking of Google Earth, which does allow users to add pictorial overlays, but this is a separate product, providing different features to the Map API. So the short answer is no (unless Google integrate the two in future).
      • Hi, I spent some time @Google map api and found this: It seems to support the well-known vector polylines as well as bitmap objects (such as the marker icons, bubbles, and bubble-shadows). So it seems to me to be well possible to use flat pixel objects as general way to mark parts of a map: "Version 2 of the Maps API introduces the ability to create custom map overlays, like the built-in GMarker and GPolyline overlays, by subclassing the built-in GOverlay class. In this example, we create a Rectangle (albeit vector) overlay that outlines a geographic region on the map." Axel 09.08.2006 PM 01:24
    • Icon support - note, polylines alread available. Planned 2.2.0 BenWilson December 09, 2006, at 10:40 AM
  • Link to other pages inside same wiki
    Right now, linking works bidirectional in between GMap and links on same page. Regarding the content of a wiki, this would require all linked info (on a country and it's cities e.g.) on one monster page :) I'd like to be able to link to other pages in the same wiki, als well (from the country page down to each city page e.g.). Axel August 27, 2006, at 06:36 PM
I'd really like to have this feature, too. Maybe there is a way to allow links of three types: Links to anchors in a page, links to pages in the same wiki and "normal" URLs. My second wish for this would be, to be able to configure, that a click on marker doesn't open the balloon, but just the linked anchor, wikipage or URL. Ansgar? November 03, 2006, at 06:40 AM
  • Planned 2.2.0 BenWilson December 09, 2006, at 10:40 AM
  • Compatibility with dynamically generated table of content scripts: (PageTableOfContents?, QuickPageTableOfContents?) These plugins place a auto generated toc onto a page. They convert textual headers ('Essen') into anchors ( or toc14) in the process. It would be very handy to be able to link to these achors. ( toc14 ) Thanks for considering, Axel August 27, 2006, at 07:29 PM
    • Hmm, I'll see if I can fit this into 2.2, but it may be a difficult fit. BenWilson December 09, 2006, at 10:40 AM
  • Drag and drop marker tool
    The ability to add and remove a drag and drop marker, which shows the coordinates of the point it is dropped on. This is a useful tool to help trace road, path and other features on the sat image, as point coordinates can be shown where the marker is dropped, and pasted into points to construct a polyline. That way you can "draw" a map with roads etc even if googlemaps don't supply a road map. - HansB December 10, 2006, at 04:32 AM
    • Planned 2.2 or 2.3.
  • External file read for markers. Using text or xml. (Bets on Oct 17, 2006)
  • Reda (05/07/2007). Geotagging would be nice. I.e. It would be nice to see a small image thumb when clicking on a marker. Clicking on the image would show the full picture. There is another cookbook I saw (thumblist) that perhaps could be expanded to generate a text file with image location, thumb location, lat and long (from Exif info) for each picture in a folder... This cookbook then would only need to read the text file and generate a gma-point for each line with lat-long and image thumb location....Any comments?
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