Cookbook /
DetectMobile  PHP API to determine whether the browser is a mobile device. (Active)
DetectMobileFree  Function to determine whether the current browser is a mobile device. (Active)
GoogleVoice  Embed the Google Voice Widget on a webpage
LinkTel  Active telephone links in wiki pages (beta)
MobileUsers  Accommodating visitors who use mobile devices (Stable)
ResponsiveGrid  A collection of CSS classes to help fast grid layouts (new)
Skins /
2016  Responsive skin very close to the default skin (Superseded by PmWiki-responsive)
Adapt  A mobile-friendly skin that adapts to suit the display size. (Beta)
Amber  responsive mobile-friendly skin for all devices (stable)
IPMWiki  Mobile skin for IPhone viewing and editing of PMWiki (stable)
Mobile  Plain vanilla PmWiki responsive template that is compatible with mobile devices. (Active)
Papyrus  A simple skin, inspired by Parchment. Responsive / mobile-friendly. (maintained)
PmWiki-responsive  Responsive skin shipped with PmWiki
Steamport  Three-Column or Two-Column, Responsive Skin, with Group specific, and (SQL) Table features. (Maintained)
Vanilla5  Vanilla5 is a simple HTML5 compliant skin for PmWiki v2+
Vector  Clone of the Vector skin for MediaWiki (used on Wikipedia since 2010) (maintained)