This is the original post. <<<<<<< This is the first of two simultaneous edits. ======= This is the second of two simultaneous edits. >>>>>>>

This page, and the text above, tested what happens when a page is created, saved, and then simultaneously edited (with the first text added by "User1", the second by "User2" who then initiated the first, of two, saves).

The same test failed, however, when it was tried on a different wiki (running pmwiki-2.1.beta26 * on a farm). Both tests were conducted using the same OS (Mac OS X 10.4.5) and browser (Safari 2.0.3).

Here are the final screenshots from the test that failed, showing the error message that appeared when User1 tried to initiate the second save, and the history screen.

Error message

History screen

If you need to see other screenshots along the way, here they are:

Successful test on PmWiki

Test that failed on other server

 0: 00.00 00.00 config start
 1: 00.01 00.01 config end
 2: 00.21 00.20 MarkupToHTML begin
 3: 00.23 00.22 MarkupToHTML end
 4: 00.23 00.23 MarkupToHTML begin
 5: 00.24 00.24 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls begin
 6: 00.25 00.24 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls end
 7: 00.26 00.25 MarkupToHTML end
 8: 00.26 00.25 MarkupToHTML begin
 9: 00.26 00.26 MarkupToHTML end
10: 00.26 00.26 now
Peak memory: 3,725,104 bytes