I'm Waylan Limberg and have been using PmWiki since Aug 2005 (pmwiki-2.0.beta54). I am constantly learning and really like PM's philosophy, although I don't always see eye to eye with him. I use PmWiki because of its great flexibility which makes the differing opinions tolerable. I can't say as much for most projects I've looked at.

I consider my PHP skills to be at a semi-advanced amateur level (not quite entry level pro - maybe someday). In addition, I understand html, xhtml, etc fairly well and with a little effort get through most css. Of course, this all means I can hack PmWiki up to do most anything I want with a little patience. If only my regex skills were better and I could actually come up with original designs to actually implement with css.

In any event, if you want to learn more about me, contact me, etc; my personal blog can be found at http://achinghead.com (note the default theme as a result of my lack of design ideas). You may (or may not) find more at http://waylan.limberg.name (If I recall correctly all I have is a resume there - in fact, this may be the first time I've linked to that domain).

My first PmWiki project (went live Nov 11, 2005) can be found at http://warrenforestcourt.org where PmWiki acts as the cms allowing the staff (upon login) to easily update what is generally just static content without bugging me to edit the html directly (say when there is a change in staff etc). It has also been a great help in organizing and presenting the Local Rules of Court.

In the process of developing the above mentioned site, I created the EditTitle recipe which adds a title input field to the wiki's edit form. In addition I wrote a php version of the ImportText script to import all the local rules. It's possable there are other things I've done, but I don't recall. I suppose one could always do a search if they were so inclined.