my name is Steffen Gl├╝ckselig. I am student of computer science at the [(approve links) edit diff] of [(approve links) edit diff], Germany.

I am maintaining several Wikis, powered by PmWiki. I've had a look at several other Wikis but found PmWiki to be most easily customizable.

I am steadily tweaking my Wikis. Most of the work is done for [(approve links) edit diff] - a Wiki where I gather information about holonic multiagensystemsimulations, my diploma thesis.

Another publically accessible Wiki I've installed is [(approve links) edit diff], where we keep information about [(approve links) edit diff], a tool for modelling multiagentsystems.

Besides I am running and using several other Wikis that are not publically accessible.

I am interested in webdevelopment and maintain a blog called [(approve links) edit diff] where I think aloud about the future of the web and other things. It's mostly in german, though.