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Welcome to my personal page here at PmWiki - First I must thank Pm for his tremendous support in building the PmWiki/SolaRoof wiki, which is a Global Community where we are building a sustainable future through collaboration to develop and build "EcoLiving" solutions! Please leave a note below, or say hello at my personal WikiBlog.

At PmWiki/SolaRoof we are interested in combining collaboration and communication without confusing the two functions. The PmWiki/WikiGroup feature is enabling us to meet this challenge by opening more channels of communication so that in addition to the community level collaboration we also have Team wiki and Personal wiki that bring not only information documentation but context and real time sharing of experience that is related to the Knowledge Base documentation. The purpose of the WikiBlog at the Team and Personal wiki is to provide a simple but powerful way to generate pages where members can share some their thinking and obtain help and input - and I hope to get your feedback on that. It can also be used as a PIM.

solaroof [snail] yahoo [period] org

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Norway, UK, Malaysia

Skype Name: solaroof
Mobile: +44 (0)7985 193731

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