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My Translations (PmWiki1):

  • PmWikiZhCn.EditQuickReference (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.FilesAndDirectories (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.PmWikiPhilosophy (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.SimpleTables (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.SimpleTables2 (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.UploadQuickReference (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.SearchWiki (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.WikiStructure (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.WikiGroup (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.WikiTrails (Under Translating, 0%)
  • PmWikiZhCn.GroupHeaders (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.GoodStyle (Done, thinks all!)
  • PmWikiZhCn.PageHistory (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.AuthorTracking (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.InterMap (Done)
  • PmWikiZhCn.SpecialMarkups (Under Translating, 0%)
  • PmWikiZhCn.AdvancedTables (Under Translating, 0%)

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I'm translating PmWiki.GoodStyle in to Chinese(PmWikiZhCn.GoodStyle), but I can't understand the sentence below, who can help me? -- ppip

When you write here, it is a common practice to use the second or third person. Remember Dragnet and write "Just the facts, ma'am." Give concrete advice.

What does Dragnet mean? And what does "Just the facts, ma'am." do?

Dragnet was a well known American television drama about a Los Angeles police officer. When he was investigating a crime, he would talk to witnesses. When the witnesses would say things about how the victim was a bad person, he would say "just the facts, ma'am" meaning "tell me what you heard and saw, nothing more." "ma'am" is a term of respect for a woman, similar to "sir" for a man.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragnet http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/092976529X/002-1124695-6637638?v=glance

http://www.hroot.com/companypublish/html/490.htm 电视悬疑影集Dragnet中,那位总是有办法破案的主角名叫佛莱迪(Friday),他是洛杉矶警察局的警官。每次办案,佛莱迪及其伙伴都会登门拜访目击者。通常是一名女性应门,在他们出示证件时,表现出害怕的神情。而佛莱迪总是向她保证:“小姐,我们要的只是事实而已。”

非常感谢您的帮助,您的翻译已经是很好的了:)看来只要仔细追踪,总有很多东西需要我们去学习。恩,还要感谢 Wiki 这样一个可爱的平台。 -ppip

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