How to be like Mikeg

So you Want to be like the creator of Howtobelike.com? Then today is your lucky day!

1. Push your self to be greater then yourself. So that there is no one greater then your self!

2. Make people smile.

3. Delegate! This is what Mikeg dose best! Tell people what they need to do, and they may do it.

5. Fitness is very impotent, So workout everyday.

6. Make it happen, even if you have to pay for it.

7. Mikeg is a deep thinker and so should you.

8. Be a little bad and a little good.

9. Do things and say things like your the greatest at them, even if your not.

10. Be nice to people.


  • I hope you enjoy my website.
  • Drink lots of green tea.
  • Wear adidas classics.
  • Play chess! Love chess!
  • Be a Beatles fan.
  • Drive a green Geo Tracker.

Mikeg Quotes:

  • "I'm the art in the matrixs"
  • "So people say I'm crazy, but I'm nutty, I'm nutrageous!


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