Ugh.. hi there... just to remove the "?" next to my name...

I am 25, German, new to pmwiki since October 4th 2006, don't have a clue of php but lots of questions (yeah.. want to change everything but don't know even if this is possible *laugh*).

My page: StarWars - der Thronfolgekrieg. Die Seiten unserer d20 pen&paper Gruppe ([(approve links) edit diff]) I am happy for every visitor (and even more for all that leave a message in the guestbook. Unfortunately all is German only.. if you want to translate the pages (which have looooots of text) to English, be my best friend :D

ugh.. yeah.. this is "Marvin" btw... my character (and nickname here): [(approve links) edit diff] And who I am you can find out by surfing to my page, using a bit of cleverness ;o)