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Knut Alboldt
Wilhelmshaven, Germany
email: Knut At Alboldt Dot De

profession: IT, project management, quality management

Big fan of PmWiki !

I took care of the pc installation of the baseschool Neuengroden in Wilhelmshaven and used PmWiki as the documentation system for the installation and to implement the base structur of a school-website so that all the teachers and kids can create their own webpages easily. This project was ceased in 2005 - a pitty !

We use PmWiki in our intranet to administrate and for documentaion of our IT:

  • infrastruktur administration (all information and status of hardware, software, licences, systems)
  • change management
  • complete system administration
  • system documentation
  • problem management
  • project management
  • group calendar