John Sinclair (1949- ), born and educated in Texas, now lives in Salt Lake City. He controls webservers in Chicago, runs numerous websites, and likes to program in php.

John's computer experience extends back into the 1970's when micro-chips made the first desktop computers commercially available. First he used the 8-bit Z-80 (Zilog) instruction set to assemble program code. Later, with the advent of disk operating systems (DOS and Xenix) and with the availability of high-level languages John programmed database applications and taught computer programming.

John understood the movement of data between programs and devices, and he worked with ARPANET and the earliest attempts at desktop networking by Novell. In 1989 John's career turned away from practical, hands-on interests and more toward managerial matters. After a decade John returned to programming and now writes for the internet. For most of his projects John uses php, MySQL, and HTML. He says: "Open Source is the fastest path to perfecting software. Ugly programming can't hide in the Open."