Jeff Muday

Instructional Technology Analyst

Wake Forest University

notes: running PMWiki on Lightspeed HTTPD, Apache, and XAMPP (Apache Friends) Lamp Stack

Using PMWiki for research and portfolio sites. Using LDAP authentication.

Also, I have implemented a recipe for using "smbclient" authentication. It is a modfication of AuthUser and calls the locally installed "smbclient" binary which can authenticate against a smb local or network resource. Contact me if you are interested.


PMwiki can fit really well in to a "wiki farm" scenario. If you are using UNIX, I highly recommend the following tutorial on farming

If you are building your own server, I am really fond of the LAMP stack that has been developed by Apache Friends. You should check this out since it works extremely well and simplifies setting up Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP, and uses MySQL administration tools.

I am planning on working on a PHP script that will build the basic farm structure, and then allow someone to create new "fields" based on one or more field templates. I still need some good code to allow an end user without shell or FTP to do some modification of their local/config.php.

Here is my wishlist of usermods

  • enumeration of skins in the /pub directory to dropdown list or radiobutton list
  • user selection of the skin
  • creation of new local username/password(s)
  • linkage to LDAP or other local or remote authentication services.
  • assignment of username to particular group such as admin, edit, upload, etc.