Things are working out really well; I'm not as new as I was.

I hope to be a force in online translations with hundreds of languages for each one by the end of the year. You can check out a first try without content by navigating to this page. [(approve links) edit diff] . By September, I hope to have one of these for adults and one for children, for both the Presidents of the US and the Kings and Queens of England. The content will be high school level, at first; stuff that can be easily translated all at once with Google.

I am doing this using scripting which I have paid for, as well as stuff from PmWiki, the teaching sites and forums. I may edit what I find, but I am not an orginal code-writer. I use various tools; such as Excel, TextMechanic, and employ tricks that I've picked up along the way. It's production stuff, but gives me a good sense of what's fastest and most doable in programming.

I will share my tricks and tips with you as soon as I have time to clean up my category pages. I've had to move these from the site where TotalCounter is to ensure it never slows down again.

You may have discovered that programming is a huge and complicated field, and I am really just toe-deep in e-publishing. I've been forced to jump back and forth a lot, but when there is a breakthrough, it's generally a big one.

PmWiki was the breakthrough I needed two years ago. I've held on to what I began building then, and have committed to it for the future. It will be the mainstay of my effort, and may turn out to be a major component of translating and language preservation sites in the future.

Keep on programming, count your blessings always, and stay flexible.