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I am experimenting with < http://altacalifernia.com/pmwiki >; but, I am far more successful with < http://altacalifernia.com/mediawiki >. Will I find < http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/ConfigPhp-Talk >, later? I do not know. If you are willing to communicate @ < http://altacalifernia.com/mediawiki >, that might help, as I would be able to locate that.

Throughout, you repeat < local/config.php >; but, I can never figure where that is. Nor a variety of other features.

Please do send any message via my mediawiki pages, if feasible.

I am DonFphrnqTaub Persina, I frequently employ the screenname "hopiakuta"; but, I am not certain how to register here.

Thank You.

November, 2009.

I have kept your question for the moment here, so you can find it back.
Look at your homepage of your PmWiki site. I have created a help page you can ask your questions.
I will try to slowly route you back to the right pages in PmWiki itself, and the place where you can ask questions.
You can "register" on PmWiki by clicking on hopiakuta and enter whatever you like about yourself.
-- SchreyP November 25, 2009, at 02:45 AM

config.php is a file inside your pmwiki/local directory -- you can use the one in the pmwiki/docs directory as an example -- copy it to the pmwiki/local directory and rename it to config.php. --Petko November 25, 2009, at 06:32 AM

I am seeking how to move this page to hopiakuta-Talk; there must be a way, as I do know that that is standard wiki, on most any wiki.

Done -- SchreyP November 25, 2009, at 07:58 AM

Thank You Very Much,

I have redirected your profiles.DonFphrnqTaub Persina page to your profiles.hopiakuta page as this will confuse people (and maybe yourself) in having two different profile pages. -- SchreyP November 25, 2009, at 08:17 AM

Thank you, ~SchreyP; I do need to learn much more.

I need to figure redirect?, & what are the edit summary ? limits,............ Much more.

Thank You,

hopiakuta November 25, 2009, at 09:45 AM

How does that work, please?

hopiakuta November 25, 2009, at 11:05 AM

Hi, I presume you mean the syntax and working of a redirect?
Please have a look at PmWiki.PageDirectives#redirect
-- SchreyP November 25, 2009, at 11:13 AM

There are some elements of wiki ? where I can edit, & get exactly what I am attempting; there are other features where I am not even able to come close.

If you are not able to follow-through w/ all of these questions, including @ the page that you had created @ alta, then I can comprehend that; but, if that is so, you can say, "Well, you are too computer - illiterate." With much of these instructions all that I can see is a page full of stray characters.

hopiakuta November 25, 2009, at 11:35 AM