I'm a recent (since october 2016) user of Pmwiki, I must concede, in an anti-wiki manner; I mask all the elements whose purpose is the collaborative activity and use it as a classical content management system. My intent was to build quickly a gallery for my mother who is a non-professional painter, without resorting to a db engine.

The site (in french) is http://www.reneevandepoele.be/index.php.

The gallery is build in this manner with Cookbook/Mini:

  • each picture is integrated in a page with the same name as the image file (important). Because the name of the file is often meaningless, the page has a more descriptive (:title xxx... :) instruction;
  • each page where a picture is displayed contains a category-link to the theme of the picture ("Fleurs" (flowers), "Oiseaux" (birds), "Paysages" (landscapes),"Divers");
  • each category has a dedicated page with a custom list using the thumbnails of the pictures as links. To avoid english terms, "Category" is replaced by "Galeries" in config.php:
  In the page:
  (:div id="thumbs":)
  (:pagelist link=Galeries.Fleurs fmt=#mini list=normal:)
  • the list in each gallery has the template:
  (:if false:)

and with these instructions in css:

  #thumbs .fpltemplate .img{
      display: inline-block;
      margin: 10px;

I got the expected result.

So, the page with the picture must be written, but the integration in the gallery is automatized.