Hi, I'm Eric Celeste at the University of Minnesota. I'm evaluating PmWiki as a tool for building a staff web site for the University Libraries here. Our IT shop likes PHP (we already run a lot of it) and PmWiki has most of what we require. One gap is authentication. We will really want to be able to authenticate users via our "central auth hub" and that will require some sort of extension to PmWiki. But I have a lot to learn about PmWiki, yet, so we'll [(approve links) edit diff].

How does your central auth hub work--is it LDAP, Active Directory, or what? It's actually quite easy to provide user authentication in PmWiki if there's already an authentication service available somewhere. (The reason PmWiki doesn't have user authentication is only because I haven't wanted to create an authentication service and the administrative overhead it implies. :-) --Pm
Our auth hub is a central X.500 database at the moment. The campus is moving toward an LDAP interface and the Libraries are exploring a mapping to a Windows directory to facilitate samba file sharing. I think I'll let this issue lie until one or the other of those things happen, since there seem to be plugins to handle those options already available. For now the simple passwords seem to be enough. --efc

Thanks, Patrick, for giving this work to the world. Even though I am a Perl kinda person and don't know a lick of PHP, I am very attracted by your devotion to simplicity and your resistance to feature-creep. This looks like good work!