Hi I am D.Folio from France

New to PmWiki but already like it :)

You can visit my website: http://dfolio.free.fr/wiki/ (PmWiki powered!)

Pages where I have contributed on PmWiki:

Cookbook /
Creole-Talk  Talk page for Creole.
GoogleAdsense  How to add Google AdSense data to your wiki (pre-alpha)
GoogleAdsense-Talk  Talk page for GoogleAdsense.
SearchTimeoutPrevention  What to do if a site has become so large that searches time out
Profiles /

Some Cookbook I have contribute, but not released on official PmWiki pages

I have make some cookbook, available from my personal pages, but not released on the official PmWiki pages. Why? because, for me these cookbook are still "in developpment", and I need some users feedback before mark them as an official release.

  • Down : Another PmWiki download manager supporting multiple directories.
  • Xhtml Validator : How could I check / validate my page
  • Google Ad Sense : How to add Google AdSense data to your wiki
    (this is my own recipe which is more updated than the one I have posted above)
  • Check Redirect : How to manage page redirect/alias from a wiki page
    This recipe aims at providing a simple way to build multiple page redirection and/or alias.