Hi, my name is bang wiki, but can call me (!) for short.

I'm working on a project that I plan to call bwmiki.

The basic idea with bwmiki would be to:

-1 Favor readers over writers
-2 Create new markup to replace html
-3 Incorporate all sorts of features that "might be useful"
-4 Provide centralized maintence and control of private "mikis"
-5 Require certified installers and multi-disk dvd distribution

You get the idea.

So what am I doing here, you ask? I'm here to troll for really good ideas, suggestions, features and recipies that might be more at home in a bwmiki environment.

When I say troll, I don't mean literally. I just mean that I won't actually contribute any constructive ideas of my own. Rather, my role will just be to keep an eye out for my kind of ideas and, where appropriate, offer some support and encouragement with comments, such as,

Sounds good to me. ~Bw
Well, I like it. ~Bw
I think we should work together on this. ~Bw

So, where do you come in? We'll, I'm pretty busy not doing anything and I could use some help in locating and identifying my kind of thinking. If you promise to always be kind and funny without every being mean, petty and hurtful, you have my permission to leave short comments of support using my tag. Also, feel free to add some links to my profile page pointing back to worthy ideas. Or, if someone knows how to do it, they can just add some markup to this page that will link back to all the pages with comments by bw.

Remember the old school video ethos, "be kind, rewind."