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Here are some more specific ideas, listed quickly from the thread. Could stand to be better organized, ...

  • My favorite extra markups
  • Popular styling effects
  • How to run a successful forum
  • Maximize security
  • Using PmWiki as a CMS
  • Best practices for developing skins
  • User Group Summary. Something less than 100 messages a day, and without the temptation to contribute.
  • User Group Look-back. An interesting or useful discussion from 1-2-3 years ago. Summarized, of course.
  • All you really need to know about htaccess
  • PHP for those from other languages / cultures
  • CHMOD. What's with the period in the settings changing?
  • Cookbook Comparison. What's the diff between similar recipes?
  • CSS. Why bother with it? I swear I changed that to green. Useful utilities.
  • Top ten other sites for: PHP, CSS, HTML, anything else website developers might use. Article started here: TopTenSites
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