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Create an Article Abstract. Authors submit their articles by creating a page within the Magazine—same as creating any other wiki page. To create a valid submission, Authors are asked to write a brief abstract as the article's description (e.g. (:description This is an abstract:). Estimated abstract size should be in the neighborhood of 100-200 words---basically a paragraph. There are many ways to write an article abstract, however, Carnegie Mellon University has a how-to on essay abstracts which may provide insight. George Mason provides another abstract discussion. However, there is more than one way to do it. A proposal format is available via this magazine's template, and a sample proposal is available.

Categorize your Article. To have your article appear on the proposed articles page, you will need to put [[!MagazineArticleProposed]] on your article page (provided by the template).

This page represents the first stage in the article submission and approval process. Approved articles are re-categoried to the upcoming articles page.

Currently Proposed Articles

(Note: Articles proposed for more than 7-14 days should be re-categorized as drafts.)

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