You may know how to translate from english to your own langage, it's not this page's goal :-).

This page try to explain how the documentation pages are copied from the to the various english then national files (i18n-xx).

Basically, the online wiki is copied to the respective national files, the PmWikiXX pages, where XX is the international code (fr for France...) being spanned on the relevant files.

But... online we have access to XLpages that are probably not the true XL page from wikilib.d, so there must be a conversion process...

There is only one PmWiki online, and at least two PmWiki versions, the stable one and the beta one. What version do these pages match?

See pm answer below. There is no match, so it may be usefull to state what version was used to test a feature.

The pages match either version, or both, or neither. The language translation pages don't have to be tied to any particular version of PmWiki.

Pm May 29, 2007, at 01:28 PM

XLpages gives translation of words and sentences visible on the interface, but what about the corresponding pages? is there a mechanism to control that the translated text match the real page on the wiki (or elsewhere)


As far I understand it, the international pages that are translations of existing PmWIki documentation pages are supposed to have the same name as the existing PmWiki pages so PmWikiFr/Search (original page: PmWiki/Search) or PmWikiFr/DocumentationIndex (original page: PmWiki/DocumentationIndex). The translated words and sentences don't have a connection to the page naming scheme.

There is no connection. The translated page should keep the same name than the original. Use (:title:) to have a localized name. A page with the nationalized name can be created, but with only a redirect to the real page. Aviod copy to help keeping the pages consistent.

What pages can be translated? What about home page and sidebar?

At present PmWiki only allows language translation of pages that appear in the Site.* group. Providing multi-lingual versions of things such as Main.HomePage hasn't been contemplated at this point.

Pm May 29, 2007, at 01:28 PM

I already notice that french pages have special directives in them, hungarian also:

  • (:Language:Magyar [-(hungarian)-]:)
  • (:Summary:{$:Language}:)

Is it necessary to have these directives in a page to have it included in the i18n files,

It's not necessary for those to be in the i18n pages; beyond that I think it's not really a good idea structurally. I know why it was done -- it was done to try to make it easier to build lists of languages and to have summaries appear in search results... but I don't think this is the approach we want to follow. Simple is better here, even if it means we have some duplication.

Pm May 29, 2007, at 01:28 PM

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