I think we need the benefits of a hierarchy, but no file-system like hierarchy. Its drawback is rigidity. Which is a sin for a wiki.. Also, let's start small.

This thread is for those who want hierarchies, but no rigidity. Stirlings proposal is flawed because it takes the view of a hierarchy instead of recognizing that the hierarchy itself is a view.

Hierarchies, as opinions, change. Where is the support for that? Proposers of hierarchies should remove the splinter in their eyes. They are capable of much more. Ain't that so Jo? Or is it TheEditor that will (once again) have to deliver the goods?

PmWiki already implements the gene for hierarchy: group.page. Use it and let it mature. Because it isn't hierarchies you want.

Start small

Who'll step up the plate and make a recommendation for a construct leading towards [put the correct word here..]. Come on now.

Darn, I just put a comment in the HierarchicalGroups-Proposals page that would answer this - loose coupling of things I think it would best be called... I think that might be the answer.
-"Lord" Matt (one link is enough)