If a list of page names is supplied, Fox will post to each page using a corresponding template page. Use either this syntax:

(:fox formname ... target=TargetPage1,TargetPage2,TargetPage3 

or for more flexibility use special markup (:foxadd ...:), (:foxptv ...:), (:foxreplace ... :) and (:foxcopy .... :), for example:

(:fox formname :)
(:foxadd TemplatePage1=>TargetPage1 ...parameters... :)
(:foxadd template=TemplatePage target=TargetPage ...parameters... :)
(:foxadd TemplatePage3=>TargetPage3 ...parameters.. :)
(:foxptv PTVTarget1,Target2,Target3 ..ptv parameters...:)
(:foxreplace TemplatePage3=>TargetPage3 ...parameters.. :)
(:foxcopy TemplatePage1=>TargetPage1 TemplatePage2=>TargetPage2 .... :)
....other input controls and submit button...
(:foxend formname:)

Specify either a TemplatePage=>TargetPage pair (or several), or template=TemplatePage target=TargetPage parameters.

  • foxcopy will not process any replacement variables, just copy the page without change.
  • You can use full page names: Group.Template=>GroupA.TargetA, and use a template section:

Template#section=>GroupA.TargetA and a section on a target page: target=TargetPage#section.

  • (:foxptv ...:) does not use or require a template parameter.
  • If the foxgroup=TargetGroup parameter is used to define a target group, do not use group names for your target pages. Otherwise they will become part of the name!
  • If you use foxgroup and need some page target to be in a different target group, you can use a \backslash to "escape" the merging of the group part with the name: TemplatePage=\GroupB.TargetPage

Fox generates a list of template and target pairs, processing any (:foxadd ... :), (:foxptv ...:), (:foxreplace ... :) and (:foxcopy ... :) markup first, as found in sequence, and assigns actions and placements and parameters to each, using defaults if necessary. If no parameter is given, Fox will use the previous one used in the markup.

If redirect=1 is set, Fox will, after posting to all the pages, redirect to the last target page. To redirect to another page use redirect=PageName.

By setting several target-template pairs Fox can post different field values to different pages. Field substitutions will be applied generally.

To see behind the scenes how Fox assigns parameters to targets and in what order targets are processed you can set temporarily in fox.php near the beginning: $FoxDebug = 3;
On form submission Fox will echo the target array. Make sure you don't use redirect= though!